Slightly Bent

AWARDS:  Winner, Just For Laughs Award for Best Comedy, 1999.

Rick Miller’s one-man show SLIGHTLY BENT is a multi-media comedic extravaganza, featuring over 150 characters and just about everything Rick can do in 65 minutes.  Thirteen live sketches make up the bulk of the performance, but the ‘story’ is told through loosely connected video segments.  They feature the protagonist in search of ideas to justify his chosen show title, “Slightly Bent”.  He interviews a host of dysfunctional friends and family (played by Rick as well) who all have their own opinion as to what the title could mean.  These video segments link the show in an absurd, ‘Montypythonesque’ sort of way, while giving the performer enough time to change into his next ridiculous costume. 

The live sketches include ‘slicked-up’ versions of what have become some of Rick’s most famous pieces on the comedy circuit: 

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ sung by 25 of the most annoying voices in the music industry

‘The Simpsons’ sing ‘We are the World’ (50 voices in 4 minutes!)

The Madonna Tribute Album – “Men Do Madonna” (featuring 13 of her classic hits)

The Phantom of the Karaoke Bar  (Joe Karaoke is visited by the Phantom, who helps him sing)

Billy Joel Medley  (a scene between two men speaking only in lyrics from Billy Joel music)

Mario St.Germain-de-Granpre  (everyone’s favorite Quebec Nationalist folksinger)

As well, several new sketches have been created specifically for SLIGHTLY BENT:

Disney’s ‘Young Hitler’  (a short ‘animated’ movie trailer)

Pop Music Deconstructed  (a musician shows that all of pop music can be played with 3 chords)

Dr. Seuss’ Architecture  (the tragic tale of an architect who steals his designs from Dr. Seuss)

And much, much more…

From a technical standpoint, SLIGHTLY BENT brings hi-tech gimmickry to the world of comedy.  The video segments are projected onto a screen which is made of vertical elastic bands, allowing Rick to pass back and forth through any point along its length.  Think ‘Robert Lepage meets Jim Carrey’.

SLIGHTLY BENT is ‘the ultimate Rick Miller show’, featuring the same high-energy satire and creative virtuosity of his previous productions, MacHomer and Art?, which have received critical and commercial acclaim all across North America.  Popular culture takes a beating once again, this time even more thoroughly. 

“Slightly Bent is a Fully Funny Show… a seamless entertainment package suggestive of Monty Python’s Flying Circus”  (Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press, July 1999)

 “5 SUNS out of 5.  The cumulative effect of the voices, sounds and characters, all from one person, is overpowering – not only in the humour but the sheer, in-your-face, non-stop, gonzo, over-the-top talent” (Colin McLean, Edmonton Sun and CBC TV, Aug 15 1999)

“****. Slightly Bent is an awesome blend of human talent and technological cleverness” (Robert Crew, The Toronto Star July 1999)

Written and performed by Rick Miller

Music recorded by Rick Miller and Serge Lapointe

Video segments directed by Romy Goulem

Live sketches directed by Rick Miller and Stephanie Baptist

Set and costumes by Rick Miller and Veronik Avery

Graphics by Craig Francis Design

Photography by Genevieve Dorion-Coupal