Rick Miller reads "THE ORATOR" by Munroe Scott


Join Rick Miller in a reading of Munroe Scott's "THE ORATOR – the involuntary resurrection of Col. Ingersol".  When?  Saturday Oct 16th, 1:00pm.  Where? West Hill United Church, Scarborough, ON.   

"THE ORATOR – the involuntary resurrection of Col. Ingersoll"
By Munroe Scott

a One Act Presentation for one actor and two characters
Definitely not a play.  Definitely not a drama.
So what is it?
An oratorical exploration of two questions:
What is Oratory?  What is Religion?
While the art of public speaking has been in decline the
influence of religion has become more and more pervasive,
making these two questions of importance for today’s students
and educators.
An academic researcher, using the Internet, resurrects the opinions of
Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll who in the late 19th century was not only
a Civil War hero and a prominent trial lawyer but also the most popular
orator in America. His platform skills and his views earned him the
sobriquets of “Great Orator” and “Great Agnostic” and he addressed
packed audiences in both the US and Canada.  Thanks to the magic of
stage, the Colonel is given voice, form and venue as he is persuaded to
give an oration on the Art of Oratory.  In complying with this request the
reluctantly “resurrected” Ingersoll  illustrates by using his favourite
topic, Religion, which he defines as Superstition.
Time: 70 minutes
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