Produced by Ex Machina
and Théâtre Sans Frontières

Robert Lepage and Ex Machina’s epic 9-hour production LIPSYNCH continues to wow the world.

Lepage, Rick Miller and 8 other actor/writers from around the world have created this monumental play that has toured Canada, the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Australia and Russia. LIPSYNCH is a monumental 9-hour production themed around the human voice: its capability and limitations, its layers of meaning, and the secrets and lies it conceals.

Co-created and Directed by Robert Lepage
Co-created and Performed by

Frédérike Bédard
Carlos Belda
Rebecca Blankenship
Lise Castonguay
John Cobb
Nuria Garcia
Sarah Kemp
Rick Miller
Hans Piesbergen

Co-creator and Dramaturgy Consultant:
Marie Gignac

“Lepage's 9-hour Lipsynch an entertaining, powerful statement… Rick Miller is a revelation in several roles… the verdict was unanimous. The standing ovation was overwhelming.”-The Gazette, Montreal

“Presented in a three-part, nine-hour trilogy performed in four languages, Lipsynch traverses decades and continents as nine stories of nine interweaving lives unravel before our astonished eyes. Often the journey is excruciatingly intense, exquisitely beautiful.” - The Times, London

“Hysterically funny!... it’s a completely immersive experience, featuring the kind of brilliant theatricality we’ve come to expect of Lepage and his Ex Machina company for decades”
- NOW Magazine, Toronto

“Lipsynch,” which weaves together the stories of dozens of characters of several nationalities, most working in some capacity with their voices or with the voices of others, is abundant in startling moments of fine stagecraft. It is a feast of fluid, almost cinematic stage pictures created by blending sound, video and live performance."- NY Times, New York

“With incredible dramatic skill, in one day we went from comedy to tragedy to satire to heroes who emerge onto the stage, giving order to the chaos of life... it would be inaccurate to say that Lepage’s epics touch the heart.They literally fall into time.” - Vedomosti, Moscow

“The cast members, each having to act and sing in at least three languages are simply amazing, though Rick Miller really stands out for submerging himself so fully into his multiple roles” - EYE Weekly


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