A TV series adaptation of the Miller/Brooks play

We are just finishing post-production on a short pilot for a new satirical TV series called HARDSELL, created by and starring Rick, and adapted from the play co-created with Daniel Brooks. Produced by Foundry Films. Pilot directed by John L'Ecuyer

HARDSELL chronicles the behind-the-scenes bedlam of a controversial new show making waves on public television. As the series becomes a surprise hit, it’s star and co-creator Michael Silver struggles with his newfound celebrity, a messy personal life and the political machinations of the eccentrics running the network.       

Rick Miller
Michael Riley
Michele Nolden
Colm Feore
Colin Mochrie
Martha Burns
Raoul Bhaneja
Anita Majumder
Jenny Raven
Helen King
Stephanie Baptist
Nigel Shawn Williams
Marvin Karon
Vivian and Ellen Miller