Grease, 2000

Toronto (role: Danny)

Following in the success of Grease in Quebec, Miller was cast as Danny in the Toronto remount of the production, co-starring Ma-Anne Dionisio (Sandy).  Sandler/Poulin joined with TaurPro Entertainment for a 5-week run at the Elgin Theatre in the Fall of 2000.  Although a big hit with Toronto audiences, the show drew mixed-to-downright-nasty reviews - not unusual for this very populist (and admittedly very slight!) musical.  For what it’s worth, here are some of the positive quotes about Miller:

“A chief heartthrob Danny Zuko, Rick Miller puts in a taut, energetic performance…” (The Toronto Sun, Sept 27, 2000)

“A capable and charming Rick Miller (who as Danny does one thing Travolta could never do – sing)…” (Eye Magazine, Toronto, Oct 19,2000)

nuff said!