Grease, 1998

1998-1999, Montreal & Quebec (role:  Kenicky)

AWARDS:  Le Billet D’Or, Montreal’s most popular show of 1998.

In the first official French language production of the mega-hit musical by Warren Jacobs and Jim Casey, Miller played Kenicky opposite Marina Orsini (Rizzo), Serge Postigo (Danny), and Brigitte Marchand (Sandy, later played by Véronic Dicaire).  Produced by Sandler/Poulin and directed by Denis Bouchard, the show was a massive hit in Montreal (Théâtre St-Denis) and Quebec (Le Capitole), playing to over 90,000 people and winning le Billet D’Or.  The US licensors were so impressed with the refreshing and innovative production that they licensed it for further Canadian runs.   Interesting note:  It was during the run of Grease in Quebec City that Miller sat down to write a letter to Robert Lepage, asking if he could work for Ex Machina.  The letter happened to mention Miller’s 2 degrees in architecture, and Lepage happened to be re-casting for his play Geometry of Miracles, about architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  A lunch meeting later, Miller was on his first world tour with Lepage and Ex Machina.   

“Le verdict: Un GREASE jubilatoire!... ce qui frappe de la production, c’est l’esprit de corps de la troupe… ils sont tous excellent, tant dans leur jeu que par leur voix… un Kenickie superbe de Rick Miller” (Sonia Safarti, La Presse, 19 juin, 1998)

“A French treat!... it’s Rick Miller of MacHomer fame who steals the show as Kenicky, the guy who drives a car named Greased Lightning”  (Pat Donnelly, The Montreal Gazette, June 19th 1998)