An interactive multimedia conference

“Can Art be funny?” is the central philosophical question driving Rick Miller’s latest one-man “tour-de-farce”.  Cornelius Q. Glump, founder of the A.R.T. Society (Ayn Rand’s Teachings), leads the audience through a series of sketches to demonstrate how ‘legitimate Art’ is being infected by pop culture.

Rick flips back and forth from pretentious art critic to over 80 zany characters, in such sketches as “the Simpsons do Les Miserables” and the “Michael Jackson Tribute Album”.  What results is a hilarious battle between critic and audience, who are laughing at what is meant to outrage them.  “…but is it Art?”, cries Mr. Glump.  Who cares!

“Enormously entertaining, Art? Proves Rick Miller’s MacHomer was no fluke and that he is a genuine talent to watch in this country…*****” -Winnipeg Free Press

“What sets Montreal’s Miller apart is his creativity.  He’s a writer, artist and composer who assembles each sketch with wit, intelligence and originality…*****” -Winnipeg Sun

“Astonishing…Art? Is showbiz at its most dazzling”-Edmonton Journal